What is the one platform that any organization, big or small can effortlessly leverage to apply data security for sensitive data- irrespective of where the data originates and/or where it resides- applications, databases, data lakes/warehouses, etc. ? 

The unique technology CipherCloud has developed over the last decade guarantees the functionality of underlying applications, workflows, etc. does not break. Our sort, search-preserving algorithms are used by industry players to handle large-scale data volume while feeling confident the secure data those applications use will not hinder the features and formats various databases, apps, and analytics tools and platforms depend on.

Whether you need to secure data for compliance reasons, data residency, or as part of your internal data protection policies, you will find CipherCloud Data Security-as-a-service (DSaaS) provides the flexibility, scalability, and most importantly enterprise-grade and FIPS 140-2 certified technology, now available in an easily consumable lightweight yet powerful API.  

The whitepaper succinctly explains key features of DSaaS as well as shares insights on best practices you can adopt for your data-centric business.