How do you improve the visibility and protection of G Suite data?

Cloud collaboration is the single biggest driver in many organizations’ cloud-first strategies. With the surge in remote workplace collaboration, Google’s G Suite has emerged as one of the most popular SaaS applications for employees seeking to maintain business continuity while working from home.

At the same time,  this growing G Suite adoption introduces significant cloud security challenges around data visibility, protection, and compliance.

The new whitepaper provides a clear view of emerging information security challenges for organizations that have adopted GSuite as part of their digital transformation and remote collaboration strategies. 

Download this content today and find answers to  pertinent questions including: 

  • How do you secure data being created and shared between multiple cloud apps, both within and outside of the G Suite environment?
  • How can you enable deeper visibility and stronger protection for  G Suite apps?
  • How will you secure data in Gmail and G Drive through a centralized management platform?

For these answers and many more, read this whitepaper today!