Securing Office 365

7 Critical Steps for Securing Financial Data in Office 365

Did you know that over 40% of compliance-related data in Office 365 is overexposed in file sharing? While Office 365 is a great collaboration tool and a powerful productivity enhancer - it also creates new cybersecurity risks that have to be effectively managed.

CipherCloud CASB+ provides purpose-built cloud security and data protection capabilities for Office 365 - allowing highly regulated financial industries to keep pace with the evolving scope of their requirements and ensure secure remote collaboration.

Download this whitepaper to understand how CipherCloud's integrated CASB and data protection approach directly addresses Office 365 email, collaboration, and infrastructure security requirements, specifically allowing you to:

  1. Enforce centralized policies across all applications and email services
  2. Discover unprotected data and open shares
  3. Enable Zero Trust access from managed and unmanaged devices
  4. Classify and protect sensitive data in the cloud
  5. Secure data downloads with native rights management
  6. Monitor user activity to identify anomalous behavior and threats
  7. Automate cloud security posture and remediate misconfigurations