Gartner White Paper

It’s a given, organizations increasing their use of cloud productivity platforms like Microsoft Office 365 are confronted with a complex set of security challenges, especially with continued expansion of the remote workforce. Addressing related data protection and compliance requirements while enabling open communication and collaboration is no simple task.

To address this growing set of requirements, the experts at Gartner have created a dedicated SaaS security framework to help practitioners assess their Office 365 security posture, while securing Office 365 access and protecting both data and users from cloud-born threats. 

Specific recommendations include: 

  • Establish a foundational identity, access, and privilege management strategy
  • Maintain awareness of user and application behavior to ensure compliance
  • Protect Office 365 data and users from internal and external threats
  • Monitor and secure all content, both data in motion and data at rest
  • Implement application and device protection for managed and unmanaged devices

As Gartner notes, CASB solutions offer in-depth visibility into your Office 365 deployment that support these recommendations - going far beyond the SaaS native security capabilities to enable end-to-end data protection.

Download this report today to learn more about Gartner's detailed guidance on securing Office 365 collaboration.