How do you maintain visibility and protection of data outside of Office 365?

With the surge in remote workplace collaboration, Office 365 today has emerged as the most popular SaaS application for employees to maintain business continuity. But this has introduced new cloud security challenges. How do you maintain 360-degree visibility into your Office 365 environment, prevent data leaks and ensure compliance with stringent data protection laws such as CCPA, GDPR, and HIPAA?

Our latest whitepaper provides a clear view of emerging information security challenges for organizations that have adopted Office 365 as part of their digital transformation and remote collaboration strategies. Download this whitepaper that answers the following burning questions when it comes to securing Office 365 collaboration:

  • How do I secure access to Office 365 email and applications from unmanaged, personal devices?
  • How do I secure my organization’s Office 365 email, applications, and user accounts against internal and external threats?
  • How do I gain visibility into the content that is being uploaded, downloaded, and shared in my organization’s Microsoft Teams application?
  • Are the sensitive assets in my organization’s instance of Office 365 classified and protected with DLP and encryption?