What is the starting point to building a holistic cloud security strategy that integrates network and delivers till the last mile?


Cloud is an expanding threat vector. With remote work adoption speeding up, it is inevitable that data, cloud, and network will need to be protected cohesively. As most organizations are transitioning to a remote workforce, the first step to building a SASE strategy would be to solve for cloud security and solidify the data in the cloud mobile environment.


This whitepaper talks about how to roll out a SASE deployment on scale taking into account the current security practices, trends, and pertinent questions that every security and risk management leader needs to ask before solidifying the cloud security posture of the organization. SASE proposes an architecture that we can see taking shape today and has the potential to enable 360-degree security that goes till the edge and follows the data back to the cloud. To build a sustainable SASE architecture, the focus needs to be on identities of entities mapped till the endpoint.